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James Lines

Marketing Manager

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Dear Team,

I have spent the majority of my career working on the front lines at Multisorb. I have work along side many seasoned professionals throught my campaign. When I first started at Multisorb as an intern the company was privatly held. The founder and owner of Multisorb passed away suddenly and we were eventually sold to Summer Street Capitol a local private equity firm. At that time there was a complete change in leadership and philosophy. For the next few years to come Multisorb was transofmed into a LEAN manufacturing gold standard and we realized major improvements on net sales, EBITA, and operational efficiencies. In 2018, we were sold again to Filtration Group, a very aggresive and fast growing private conglomerate. Our company underwent another change in leadership and I have continued to be exposed to new ways of thinking, an entreprenueral business cultures, and exposure to highly established executives. Throughout all of this changed I have become efficient at adapting quickly and I have acquired business skills at an accelerated rate. 

Today I consider myself an experienced professional who is ready for the next step in my career. I have been part of major transofrmations within the same company and I have the skills and strategies that can make a big impact at a business quickly. Throught my career I have always displayed a bias for action, making progress even if the path forward is unclear or the data in not perfect. It is easy to end up in a holding pattern and haulting progress due to fear of making the wrong decision. If you are looking to grow your business, I would strongly encourage you to contact me now. Your personal goals and fincancial requirements will not be met if you wait or stand idle.  Take action now and lets work together to push your business forward.